When you need thermal spray services done in the Kennedale area, you can trust your local experts at Wear Master, Inc. Our team is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to tackle your coating and finishing projects. We utilized robotic technology to help us provide a uniform application and provide a higher quality end result.


The plasma coating process involves melting powders that are fed into a plasma flame, created by inert gas. From non-ferrous alloys to stainless steels, ceramics, and aircraft materials, many surfaces can be treated by plasma due to its versatility. Most of the flame gases include argon, nitrogen, helium, or some combination of these three. While this method was originally designed for the aircraft industry, many other industries have chosen this method due to the wear, heat, and corrosion resistance it provides once complete. These coatings are quite dense with higher bond strengths, and they don’t always need a bond coating.


The HVOF coating process requires a high-velocity flame, which is the key to the properties of the coating it creates. These coats are dense, hard, and well-bonded. These do not require bond coats, and they can easily be applied on top of other coats when necessary. This fast-growing application has become the replacement for chrome plating, as it produces improved wear-resistance and thickness. With robotic and mechanical controls taking the lead on this process, you can expect both increased efficiency and repeatability for future projects with machines with this coating.

Electric Arc

In this thermal coating method, our electric arc gun takes two wires simultaneously to a nozzle where the arc melts the wires. From there, the wires arc and melt, then they are applied onto the part with compressed air. This method is excellent for its affordability and durability, as its bond strength is slightly better than the combustion flame process. A bond coat is normally necessary for an electric arc, with nickel aluminide being the most common bond coating choice.


In the combustion thermal method, molten metals like zinc and aluminum are sprayed on to the surface to create a basic coating. Materials on the wire are melted and broken down into atoms by compressed air to form a refined spray. This coating process can help prevent corrosion on your machines.

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