Plasma spray is one of the most common forms of thermal coating. In some instances, plasma spray is merely a preference because of its various components that many view as benefits. In other instances, plasma spray is the only option with regards to thermal spraying. Whether you’re looking for the best option for your machinery or you’re simply wanting to learn more about this particular option of thermal spraying, Wear Master Inc. wants to help.

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Benefits of Plasma Spray

Plasma spray is a popular option when looking for thermal coating. This form of coating is able to provide you with the wear resistance that you need. Aside from that, plasma spray technology helps to eliminate corrosion, insulate and conduct electricity, and create a thermal barrier. It is a popular form of thermal spray because there are countless ways in which plasma spray can be used. There are, however, a few applications that are more likely to be used.

Another reason that plasma spray is so popular is that it is relatively quick and easy to complete. In fact, plasma spray is ideal for larger pieces of equipment that need additional protection.

Common Applications

There are a variety of applications that plasma spraying is used for. Surfaces that get quite a bit of traction or are used for rolling carts, equipment, or the like, are some of the most common times where plasma spray is applied. Another instance where plasma spraying is the best option will be with ceramic materials. In those instances, plasma spraying is the one and only option for thermal spraying.

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