When it comes to thermal coating, few are as durable and well-constructed as HVOF (High-Velocity Oxy-Fuel) coating. The bond of HVOF coatings is higher than almost any other thermal spray around. Because of that, a majority of those who choose to use HVOF coatings have noticed that there is often less wear on their machinery. Aside from that, HVOF coatings are known for having a higher hardness and a higher density, making it nearly 5x stronger than plasma coatings. This is the type of thermal coating that you want to invest in when talking about your machinery.

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Benefits of HVOF Coatings

The first thing that most people note about HVOF coating is the higher cost. While the price point may be higher than some of the alternative thermal coatings, the benefits of HVOF coatings is where that price comes in. There’s no denying, HVOF coatings are easily one of the most durable, especially when compared to some of the other thermal coatings available.

One of the most obvious benefits of an HVOF coating is the durability that you’re sure to get with the thermal spray. Aside from that, the density and hardness of the solution reassure users of just how capable this particular coating is. With that said, our team is determined to provide you with the custom coating that you need to feel confident in the durability of an HVOF coating.

Common Applications

Because HVOF coatings are so durable, there are countless ways to take advantage of its capabilities in regards to the application. Given that it is such a durable thermal spray, HVOF coatings are most commonly used in settings where machinery and equipment will be exposed to high temperatures on a regular basis. It is able to provide the type of protection that machinery needs in these settings to avoid severe wear. Aside from that, many will utilize this thermal spray on equipment that is used often enough to the point of the machinery itself reaching high temperatures. That is why it’s extremely common to find HVOF coatings on pistons, cylinders, pins, and blades.

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