Custom Workpieces And Parts

At the Wear Master machine shop in Kennedale, we use cutting-edge CNC milling technology to deliver you the ultimate in the shaping, cutting, and creation of custom workpieces and parts for your company’s machinery. Our CNC milling machines allow us to safely and efficiently cut and shape the toughest metals for your exact needs. All you have to do is simply get us the blueprints for what you need, and we’ll have it turned around to you quickly! Our experienced CNC technicians can also consult with you on your needs and create an action plan if you’re unsure of what you need done. 

Our CNC milling machines are also excellent tools for creating prototypes efficiently and affordably! If you have an idea for a new workpiece, tool, or piece of equipment, our machine shop offers you the ability to produce it in the flesh for testing without committing significant financial resources to mass-producing it. If you’ve had ideas you worry might only look good on paper, we can help bring your ideas to life affordably so you can test them out. 


Computer-Guided Precision

The CNC milling machines we use at our machine shop feature the latest in high-end, computer-assisted machine work. We can program our machines to perform practically any machine shop task with greater accuracy and efficiency than a human worker could achieve on their own. 

At Wear Master in Kennedale, we combine this state-of-the-art equipment with over four decades of industry experience to offer you the most efficient and dependable machine shop service in Texas. We’ve worked with businesses in a wide variety of industries across the South since 1983, and we’d love to welcome you as a partner. Call our machine shop in Kennedale today to get started!